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Top Hair Coloring Tips

Have you always dreamed of coloring your hair like a pro? As a hair color lover, you certainly want to switch your shade for a style overhaul. Changing your hair color can go either horribly wrong or perfectly right! Our hair coloring experts have come up with some of the best tips to get your hair color right so that you get that celebrity look you have always wanted to have.

  • The hair color palette is quite tempting and will pamper you for choice. However, it will help to use the shade grid as a guide and pick a color shade that complements your skin tone, and you are all set to update your look. Fair-skinned people can choose mahogany brunettes or ashy blondes for a spiced up look. Warm or golden hues don’t go well with white skin. The right shade, suiting your skin tone, will enhance both the face and hair texture, without overpowering your looks.
  • For a blonde look, if you aren’t too sure which color to choose, it will help to pick the one marked natural to enhance your complexion. When in doubt, lighter tones offer the right solution, since it’s easier to fix this shade if the results aren’t what you wanted. If you still struggle with the color choice, visit a hair salon to get the look you desire.
  • For someone preferring to color their hair at home for the first time, the right move will be to start small and try a non permanent first. This will ensure that if your DIY project isn't a hit, you still have the choice to go for an alternative. Non-permanent colors wash out faster. More importantly, the results match with your natural hair color. If you seek dramatic color changes, it's better to leave the task to hair salon professionals.
  • Coarse hair takes a longer processing time to absorb color than fine hair. If you have coarse hair, it will help to keep the color for a longer duration. You might want to start with a strand test to estimate the hair coloring time to get the color result you want.
  • The more the number of gray hairs, the lighter the overall shade results will be. Start off with a shade lighter than your natural color, gradually increasing the intensity.

Don't forget to try hair treatments to keep your color looking great. These hair coloring tips will help you get the right shade match for your hair. However, if you struggle with the DIY coloring idea, you might want to consult hair color salon experts. At Griceldas Hair Studio, we are hair treatment professionals, giving you amazing color with depth, dimension, shine, and style.