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  Fusion™ MicroLinks™ Simplicity Seamless
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Extensions give you brushable and washable real hair that matches the color and texture of your own. We offer 4 hair-extension systems to accommodate your desired look and budget: Fusion™, Simplicity, Microlinks, and Seamless.

As with all of our products, these  4 hair-extension systems are the highest quality in hair care. All use the highest quality real human hair and can be applied to add length, volume, highlights, or bangs.

No matter which system you choose, you will be confident and comfortable with your new look without the need for glue, chemicals, weaves, clips, or irritation.

Your extensions will last for months with proper care and will cause no damage when removed. Some of our clients have even reported experiencing  an increase in follicle strength after wearing extensions!


pensacola hair extensions
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Fusion™ Extension System

Fusion™: This is a strand by strand method where hair is fused to your hair with a keratin bonding tip. The tips is placed in position and heated with a digital device or an electric melting connector. Fingers are used to warm the karatin around the hair until it cools, stabilizes, and bonds.

As seen in Modern Salon, American Salon, and beauty shows, Ultratress isn't just hair extensions, it's hair progression. Our 100% Remi hair gives length, volume and thickness, available in 30 beautiful colors giving you multiple natural looking styling options. They come in 14", 18", 24" Body Wave texture and 18" Silky Straight.

Fusion: Application starts at $425 for full head. Hair not included. Quotes are only given during in-person consultation. Please make appointment.

Microlinks™ Extension System

The Micro links Hair extensions are undetectable to the naked eye also the hair is perfectly matched to look like your real hair's texture. Microlinks is also called  the cold fusion method because there is no heat involved in installing these hair extensions. This method doesn't involve glue, sewing, braiding, or heat. They are easily applied and removed and lay flat against your scalp. The links are matched to your hair color, applied strand by strand like fusion but without using resin or bonding glue.  It is based on the link, reusable, adjustable hair extension methods. The extensions will feel and wear like your own hair and you should treat it like it's yours.

Another great quality about Microlinks is the hair is reusable! It's also suitable for wavy or curly hair. These are great for either highlights or lowlights too.

Microlinks: Application starts at $425 for full head. Hair not included.
Quotes are only given during in-person consultation. Please make appointment.
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Seamless™ Extension System

Seamless Hair : Our unique Hair Extensions system requires: No glue, no weaving, no braiding, no sewing, no clips, no chemicals. This system offers a completely seamless extension with no bumps, very comfortable, it's ideal for people with thinning hair or for those clients that just want to add length or add volume. The Seamless Hair Extensions System is custom made, so you can have the color or texture you need.

Seamless: Application starts at $195 for full head. Hair not included.
(Two packs of hair start at $385)
Quotes are only given during in-person consultation. Please make appointment.


pensacola hair extensions

Simplicity™ Extension System

Simplicity:Best for fine or thin hair. Hair Extensions are as simple as 1~2~3! Simplicity Hair Extensions are unlike anything else currently on the market. Applied in less the 45 minutes, extensions can be used to add length, volume, and even bangs! One of the unique features of Simplicity Hair Extensions is that they can be applied to areas that ordinary extensions can't, such as high up on the temples and up to the interior mid-scalp. Extension are 100% human hair and are sold pre-cut in 38 different colors and a variety of sizes and texture for all over attachment. With this system you will have simply gorgeous hair in less than 45 minutes.

FAQ's about Simplicity Hair Extensions

Benefits Include:
Fast Application
No damage to natural hair
Easy to self Style
Commitment free color & highlights
Available in a variety of shades

100% Human Hair

Quotes are only given during in-person consultation. Please make appointment.